4 Types of fishing lure



When fishing with lure, you definitely have some advantages. First of all, lure is not as messy as bait. Second of all, if you are using lure, the chances of the fish completely swallowing the hook are minimal. Last but not least, lure allows you to target the species of fish you are most interested in catching, not to mention the fact that they are incredibly easy to change out. So here are some types of lures you should definitely try if you haven’t already.

  1. Jigs

Jigs have the advantage of being quite cheap, not to mention versatile. Probably the best thing about them is that you can make them more “attractive” by adding hair, feathers and even some bait. However, the main disadvantage of this type of lure is that you have to put in some work so that it becomes effective. The thing is that jigs don’t move on their own. Once cast into the water they will simply sink to the bottom, motionless. The trick is to retrieve it every time it hits the bottom, so that fish don’t lose interest. You can try lifting the rod tip at different speeds or in small hops and see which one works best.


  1. Spoons

These types of curved lures are made of metal. The great thing about them is that they come in all colors and sizes. This means that there is a spoon for every type and species of fish. The reason they are so popular is because when cast into water, their movements resemble those of an injured fish. There are different types of spoons. Some are made to be trolled, others are made to be cast and there are even some that are made to be jigged. However, the most common and popular ones are the casting spoons, especially for beginners.

  1. Spinners

Spinners are usually used by beginners. They are very simple and easy to use. They are made from a metal shaft that has a spinning blade. The reason why they are so effective is that when they are cast in or dragged through the water, the blade starts spinning. This causes certain vibrations and sounds that most fish can sense and become interested in. Also, this is one of the main reasons why spinners are ideal for murky water, where visibility is low and fish need to rely on their other senses.

  1. Plugs

Plugs are usually made so that they resemble live bait such as frogs and small fish. They are most commonly made out of wood and have two up to three hooks. Depending on the type of wood they are made from and their design, plugs can either gurgle, wobble or even rattle. The interesting thing about them is that they can be used for almost any depth, since they can both dive and float. The various models and colors they come in are definitely another reason why they are so effective.


Most fascinating historical places to visit in the world

Travelling is absolute fun in life. You get to see many things that you have never come across. However, more than surprise and amusement, travelling is all about exploring not only the places but also yourself. The best part of roaming around here and there is that you start knowing yourself better. As a traveler, people start off a journey to a place which does not come under their own country, a place that they never visited, but the thrill to reach there is just impeccable. One can understand the hunger of traveling for travel freak. However, it is also very important to know that which places are best to travel to. The world is huge and hence you should select the destination as per your choice. If you love to explore the past or the history then you have got plenty of options. So, let’s find out fascinating historical places to visit in the world.

Machu Picchu


This has to be the most fascinating place to visit. The ancient city located in the southern part of Peru is known for the famous Inca Civilization. You can reach there either by train or by trekking for 4 days. The later one is best for the adventure. The UNESCO World Heritage Site offers the glimpse of the ancient civilization of the mankind which was abandoned after the Spanish Invasion. The city is also known as the “The Lost City of Inca”.


A small city in Egypt, Giza, still knocks the door of mankind about the incredible history. The impeccable human engineering that too, 3000 years ago make us astonishes with its stability and durability. There are many pyramids, few so strangely created that can’t even reach, but all of them are fascinating. If you love history and want to explore the legacy that mankind has left for us, then visit Egypt. The city is easily accessible from Cairo, the capital city of Egypt.

Angkor Vat


This is often referred as the biggest temple in the world. The ancient city in the Cambodia was the helm of Khmer Dynasty. Angkor Vat is an incredible temple that was covered with jungles for many years. However, the beauty of the temple along with the other associated temples like Bayon, Ta Phrom, Angkor Thom are once in a life time experience.


The lost city in the Arabah canyon of Jordon is known for the incredible historical city. The city was believed to be abounded in the 4th century. However, the UNESCO World Heritage Site still has the charm and attract people from all over the world.


Well, it will be incomplete to make a list of historical places without the ancient temple of Greek Goddess Athena. The ruins of the temple in Athens still depict the great Greek Civilization and its powers. It was built in the 5th century BC but later damaged by the attackers on the city. Even though it has lost many parts of the structure, but the charm of the Parthenon is timeless.