Fishing Equipment for Beginners


Fishing is one of the most favorite hobbies among people of all ages. Whether it is a sunny day or it is drizzling, fishing can be always a fun activity. However, the task of catching fish is not a simple one, there are so many things you have to consider. Unless you don’t know about the basics of fishing, you won’t be able to catch any. Beginners find it really hard to catch fish as they don’t know the secrets and they don’t have the right equipment. So here are some basic fishing equipment’s you will need if you want to learn about fishing

Fishing Rod

The most basic equipment for fishing, you will need a fishing rod. Modern fishing rods are very clever in design as those are made in angel to get the perfect bite from fish. There is a shaft on the fishing rod which is called blank. Blank can be made of various things like fiberglass or graphite. The materials of a shaft depend on the actions of fishing. There are also some variety when it comes to the weight of the shaft, some are small and light and some are heavy. The type of fishing rod and shaft will depend on your type of fishing.


Another important thing you will need for fishing, which is the hook. A hook generally holds the bait and fishes are drawn to it. The hook must be made in such a way that the bait will stay even after much pressure. The size of the hook is very important as it is the main tool of catching a fish. The type of the hook will vary according the size of the fish you are trying to catch. Hooks can also come in many colors and even with metal treatment. There are also different types of hooks for saltwater and freshwater. Here are some most popular hooks used by professionals

  • Octopus Hook

This hook has a shape like an Octopus and it is the most widely used hook. The curved shape of this hook makes the penetration deep and hard to let go.

  • Long Hook

This is a perfect hook for quick bite fishes on freshwater. This hook has a parabolic bend and a hollow point in front.

  • Circle Hook

This is a popular hook among game fishers. This hook has a sharp point and a wide circular shape. The penetration point is deep.


The evolution of fishing line has been quite extraordinary from early times to modern days. For big saltwater fish, braided lines are still very popular. The types of lines depend on many things, such as the length of the line, the thickness and the stretch capacity. To catch a fish properly, you will need a proper line with the fishing rod. Lines have to be strong enough to hold a fish. If the line is weak, the fish might get away tearing it apart.